A Tree Savvy Address: Why Prune Your Trees During Winter

While winter is the perfect time to enjoy the indoors, embrace the warmth, cuddle the fur, read big fat books and sip on hearty soups – it’s also an opportune time to prune your trees.

Learn why pruning your trees during winter is a good idea in this latest edition of Tree Savvy Address


Any tree pruning activity has two main objectives:

  • To remove branches that are dead, diseased, abnormal or outgrown
  • To perform pruning without causing any damage to the tree

Winter, coincidentally, facilitates both these pruning objectives.

Trees go dormant in winter and lose their leaves. With no foliage in the way, the structure and shape of the trees can be seen more clearly. Any dead, diseased, abnormal or outgrown branches can be easily spotted and conveniently removed.

Talk about the tree-wonders of winter!


Also, the cold weather of winter ensures that pruned trees are better protected against microbes and pests which further makes winter season the ideal time for pruning your trees.

It’s very common for trees to receive cuts during a pruning session. A cut in a tree is like a wound on your skin; it can be easily infected. The winter weather however, does not let the cuts get infected.

How so, you ask?

The biting winds and frigid temperatures of winter send pests and microbes into a deep sleep. With no pests and microbes around, trees can be pruned conveniently without worrying about cuts or infections.


Another benefit of pruning your trees during winter is that the practice ensures healthy tree growth come spring time.

With diseased, dead, dying or misshapen branches removed frompruned trees, the trees can utilize the energy and nutritional resources more efficiently. So, when the spring comes, they can go all blooming healthily.

However, there is one important thing to keep in mind about winter tree pruning: not all trees can be pruned during winter. This includes maples, dogwoods, birches, walnuts, and elm trees.

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