Advanced Tree Felling Techniques

Tree felling is the removal of trees using specific techniques instead of just axing it. It should only be done by professionals as it can get dangerous. You don’t want the tree to fall on you.

The conventional methods of tree felling involve the use of a notch and back cutting technique but advanced tree felling techniques are much safer.


Bore cut

With bore cuts, professionals use a chainsaw to cut through the back of the tree. You cut through the center of the tree at right angles in the direction that you want the tree to fall. This way, you prevent the tree from splitting vertically in the middle.

Felling Aids

Felling Aids help with trees that continue to stand even after the completion of a notch and back-cut. Felling aids consist of metal breaking bars which are placed in the back of the cut. Professional tree fellers that use their strength to leverage the tree in the direction they want it to fall. A wedge can be placed in the middle of the cut to prevent the tree from resting on it. Tree removal professionals will force a wedge into the tree using a sledgehammer to ensure the tree falls in the correct direction.

Tree Driving

Tree driving is used when you require more than one tree. The idea is to cut a tree in such a way that it causes its neighboring tree to fall too.

Tree driving is most commonly used when:

  • A tree has fallen and has been caught in the branches of a neighboring tree;
  • A tree that has been partially cut rests on the cut and when a tree needs to fall against its natural lean. In order for tree driving to be used, the first tree needs to be of a good weight and height to be able to push the second tree down. Ideally, it would have a natural lean towards the second tree.

Back pulling

If a tree has a natural lean towards your property then back pulling needs to be used to make sure it falls away from your home. Back pulling uses a winch system to lug the tree against its natural lean.

Removal by crane

When you’re located in the city where there are buildings around the tree, you can only remove a tree with a crane due to limited space.

Tree felling is risky business which is why it should be left to professionals. A tree that falls in the wrong direction can cause serious damages.

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