Ask Texas Tree Experts: Do You Need to Water Trees in the Winter?

While it’s common knowledge that trees go dormant during the winter season, and their water needs decrease substantially, you still need to water them intermittently (if not regularly) to ensure their health and vitality.


Texas winters can often become awfully dry. Windy weather conditions can also prevail in certain parts of the state. Considering, there’s not much rainfall either in most areas of Texas (especially, in central Texas) during winter, moisture in the soil can drop to unsuitable levels.

Low moisture levels in the soil can be dangerous for the health of trees. Yes, trees are dormant during winter, and they don’t need much nutrients or water from the soil, they do still need enough to ensure their survival.

Think of “dormancy” like a hibernation period for trees.

When dormant, trees are inactive, preserving their energy for the spring season, but they’re certainly not dead.

It’s therefore essential that you water your Texas property trees during winter to keep them alive and kicking and safe from diseases.

This begs the question:

How many times a week should you water your Texas trees in the winter?

While, the watering frequency will depend on the type of trees you have, the soil they’re planted in and their location, as a rule of thumb you should water your trees at least once a week.

For tailored guidance, contact a tree care expert in your area.

Winter Watering Wisdom for Tree Lovers

Your trees are well adapted to live in the dry and cold of Texas; they don’t need tons of water to thrive in the winter. However, the biggest mistake you can make is thinking that they don’t need any supplemental water.

Be water wise and water your trees adequately in the winter.

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