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Tree Banding: Best Defense against Worms, Cankerworms and Caterpillars

If cankerworms wreaked havoc on your trees during spring, there are great odds of that happening again.

As of now, tree pests are settling in for the cold season.

During winters, cankerworms look for a good abode to lay eggs and breed.

Generally, cankerworms find home in big deciduous trees that shed leaves in fall—just like oak and elm trees.

Even caterpillars and worms can damage trees from within.

To prevent these pesky pests from ravaging your trees, keep reading: READ MORE…

Exposed Tree Roots: Ways to Cover Them

Don’t we all love our trees wide and tall? However, the extensive tree roots can be quite hideous. Often hampering the appearance of the tree and overall landscape, these tree roots can also make lawn care and maintenance difficult.

Cutting to the chase: visible tree roots that emerge on the ground are painful to the eyes and the lawn.

While the odds are that you have already contemplated eliminating the tree roots, it’s definitely not the most practical solution.

Pruning of tree roots can destabilize the tree, making it weak and unhealthy.  And if done in an inappropriate manner, it can kill your tree entirely. Therefore, instead of eradicating the visible tree roots, getting them covered is a better, safer deal. READ MORE…

Trees in Your Yard Need These Services

Being a homeowner, you clearly understand that caring for trees and plants on your property is a great deal of work.

The same holds true if you’re a business owner with big trees occupying your commercial property. From tree trimming to cutting and complete removal, there are a range of services that need to be undertaken to maintain good health of trees as well as safety of people living in the neighborhood. READ MORE…

Five Types of Mulch

Five Types of MulchLawn keepers and farmers know that following the natural cycle of fertilization helps increase productivity of the ground.

Trees are the biggest source of natural fertilizers. Leaves, twigs, barks and tree trunks decompose to produce mulch that is rich in organic ingredients. READ MORE…

The Benefits of Mulching Around Trees!

Benefits of Mulching Around TreesTo keep your lawn lush green, and the trees & plants healthy, mulching is definitely an aspect of gardening and lawn care that you should never overlook. You can do it by yourself but it’s always best to hire a professional tree service in Texas to ensure it’s done the right way.

Before we go on to explaining the amazing benefits of mulching around trees and shrubs, let us first explain what exactly mulching is and how it’s done: READ MORE…

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