Best Trees For Fall: Your Choices in Texas!

Texas autumns are full of vibrant colors. Wandering around in an uptown Lewisville neighborhood, your eyes drink in soothing views of colorful trees that display beautiful shades of red, gold, yellow, purple, pink and lush green.

Why go too far when you could have these close to your humble abode? Planting these beautiful autumn trees will make your own lawn look like a scene from Eden;


Maple trees have wide-ranging species some of which are no taller than 33 ft., while others can attain a height of over 110 ft! Widely planted as ornamental trees, they exhibit Autumn leaf phenomenon – the color variation taking place, turning the leaves from green to yellow; then to reddish hues.


This is another beautiful tree for your garden, loved for its autumn colors. When autumn arrives, its round heart shaped leaves wear delicate shades of pink, yellow and orange-red. Katsura needs moist soil for growth but it can adapt to drought-like conditions by abscising its leaves.


Smokebush are native to Southern and South eastern America. They can be grown in small shrubs not more than 15 ft. high. They have large leaves about 6-13 cm long and the flowers grow in fluffy bunches giving a smoke-like look. The flowers have light autumn colors varying from pink to purple.


Also know as maiden hair trees, Gingko grows up to be 115 ft. tall with bright yellow foliage in the autumn. Their leaves are fan-shaped and are 6 – 15 cm in length. They can grow well in urban settings and are mainly planted along roadsides. Their seeds are also used in medicines and foods.


In addition to the sweet and tangy fruit they produce, Pomegranate trees grow red-orange flowers with green foliage that turns yellow in autumn. They can grow 15 – 25 ft. tall and start fruiting in August until late September. They easily survive in low-water conditions; therefore they are a good choice for the hot Texas weather.

Texas Ash

This is another handsome shade tree which can grow 30 – 45 ft. high. It is drought-tolerant and thrives under bright Texas sun. Plant it in your lawn and be rewarded when autumn arrives as it assumes a brilliant Fall color, ranging from gold to bronze-red.

With these lovable trees adorning your lawn, autumn this year is going to be more cheerful and full of life than ever. Trees Inc. of Denton is serving Lewisville and Flower Mound, helping you maintain your lawn for a happy autumn. Contact us for free estimates.

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