Better Late Than Never: 4 Signs It’s Time to Remove That Tree!

Trees beautify your landscape and have so many other benefits that we often find it very hard to part with them. But, while your tree may look fine to you, there could be a lot going on inside it.

Tree removal is the only smart option to go with in instances where pruning and disease mitigation may not help. A dead tree may cost you thousands of dollars, while being a constant hazard for your health and wellbeing. You may think your tree isn’t dangerous, until it’s hit by a storm or heavy snow.

If you own a potentially harmful tree, any damage it causes will be your responsibility and you’ll have to pay for it. To avoid a bigger problem, it’s better to be able to identify when a tree removal is required.

Here are four alarming signs that tell whether or not to get your tree removed.

If You See Signs of Infection

If the branches or branch tips in the upper and outer part of your tree crown are dying, you need to call a tree removal service right away. Crown dieback is a telltale indication of a pest infection in your tree. Other indications are deep cracks in the bark, discoloring leaves, crumbled wood, or fungi appearance on the trunk. You should also get your tree checked for an infection if you see pest or woodpecker holes in your tree.

A Hollow Trunk

It’s important to get your trees’ assessed regularly for hollow trunks. A rotted trunk cannot be ignored, especially if 1/3rd of your tree is hollow from within. It indicates that the trunk is seriously damaged, and the tree won’t be able to bear heavy winds, let alone a storm. Getting the tree removed is the only option is such an instance.

Growth of Sprouts at the Tree’s Base

These sprouts are also known as epicormic shoots. Presence of these shoots indicates that the trunk is extremely stressed and must be checked by a professional.  

If Your Tree Suddenly Leans

Trees often bend and lean to one side as they get old. However, if your tree suddenly leans to one side in a very short span of time, there are chances that your tree’s structural integrity is compromised.

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