The Most Common Tree Problems Homeowners Face

Have you just recently noticed problems with your tree? Has the color of the leaves changed or have you noticed that the tree is not growing as it should?

Here is a look at some of the most common tree problems that homeowners face:


A major reason why trees develop a pest problem is tree stress. Usually this happens due to tree topping where the leaves of the tree are removed.

As a result, the tree loses a source of food and needs to develop branches in its lower parts. This is not a natural process and puts stress on the tree. These trees also have cuts in them and pests can find their way in these trees. The presence of pests along with the absence of nutrients can end up killing the tree.

Growth of fungus on the trees

Fungus can find its way on your tree and cause decay. As a result, the tree loses its strength and can easily die.

The fungus specifically targets the sapwood storage and the tissue inside the tree because of which the tree becomes weak from the inside.

Weak branches can easily break down due to strong winds. Fallen branches and trees can cause a significant degree of damage to your property.

Damage by machines

Sometimes electrical equipment like lawn mowers can also cause damage to your tree. They can cause damage to the branches and in some cases can also affect the supply of nutrients and water to the plant.


Another common problem that comes up with trees is powdery mildew. Usually this problem occurs because the roots become dry. Sometimes this problem can also occur because of poor circulation of air in the tree.

Absence of minerals and nutrients

One major reason because of which the growth of the tree gets affected is the absence of nutrients. This happens because of the surrounding grass, which ends up consuming a major chunk of the nutrients.

Fallen leaves decompose and provide nutrients to the trees. However, homeowners often remove these leaves from the yard hence depriving them of essential nutrients.

Another reason why the tree is not able to grow is issues with the soil. Soil compaction is a problem, which occurs when the particles in the soil are pressed together and there is no space between the pores.

As a result, the soil is not able to remove the water. It also becomes hard for the roots of the tree to penetrate the layer of the soil, which is compacted.

Sometimes the only solution to these problems is tree removal. Get in touch with us. We can help you with tree related emergencies. We also offer tree removal and stump grinding services in Lewisville and other regions of Texas.

Contact us at 940-230-2782.

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