Dangers of Improper Tree Trimming

With deforestation increasing like an epidemic in the wild, the remaining species of trees deserve all the care they can get.

Tree trimming is a crucial part of grooming your trees. It can practically make or break the branches that you may have grown up playing on. With tree trimming, you can restore health to your trees by shaving off dead or diseased branches and improve chances of new growth. But just like wrong medication, bad tree trimming can damage your trees beyond repair. This is why it’s important to give your trees in skilled hands.

Here are all dangers of improper tree trimming you should know.

Marred beauty

Much like a bad haircut, improper trimming of your trees can ruin their appearance. What was once a tall, grand presence bowing down with the weight of green branches can turn into a lone trunk, left bare and exposed. It takes the eye of an expert and a hand of a professional to know where to make cuts while trimming a tree. It’s a common mistake to chop off branches from the top of the tree (topping) or sawing more heavily on one side than the other to give a disproportionate look. Untrained trimmers often also trim the tips of branches which is also bad for the tree. The effects of tree trimming are there to last so it’s important to make sure it’s trimmed well in the first go.

Diseased branches

A tree is as much a living being as humans so making cuts into wood does leave behind an injury. An open wound in the tree is susceptible to be attacked by pests and other organisms that can cause an internal infection. Such diseases can spread to other regions of the tree and infect the entire body. One wrong cut can lead to an infestation that can be fatal for a tree. Therefore, it’s necessary to saw only parts of the tree that need trimming.

Weakening trees

Improper tree trimming can not only lead to pest infestations and diseases, but also leave the tree weakened. Don’t be mistaken if a tree looks well from the outside because weakness can settle internally and start damaging or killing inner wood. When the inner wood becomes less dense, the tree is vulnerable to elements of nature and can also be a threat to humans in the vicinity. Storms or other impacts can result in the tree falling to its death. This can potentially hurt property or people present around at that time.

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