Here’s What You Need To Do When Tree Roots Encroach On Your Home

After months of pruning, your garden can be the talk of the town, but where there are trees, there is a fear of roots encroachment.

Roots invasion is no less than alien invasion. They literally find a life source and start spreading, taking control of the host (in this case, YOUR house) step by step.

Why Do Roots Surface Above The Ground?

When trees are grown in compact soil, with high clay content, they are not deeply rooted. If the soil is not sandy and loose, the roots remain close to the surface. Usually roots are found 12 inches in the ground, when the main roots get too big they break the surface. Soil erosion due to rain and wind is also a contributing factor in surfacing root.

Moreover, roots remain shallow if they short of oxygen supply. This causes them to shoot out of the ground for oxygen, adapting to the surrounding environment.

You should be alarmed if the roots are exposed on the surface and spreading around your foundation.


Root Invading Foundation

Roost may spread through concrete foundation, enlarging existing cracks and damaging property. This phenomenon happens rarely, but if you are an owner of a strong tree you should look out for these signs:

  • Cracks in the floor
  • Check your foundation’s wall for vertical cracks
  • Cracked or broken windows
  • Deformation of door and window frames
  • Due to moisture in the roots, floor may buckle

Roots Invade Driveway

If you have a luscious tree near your sidewalk or driveway, roots can be a menace. They might create a tripping hazard for you and your neighbors, increasing your chances of being served with a lawsuit. Here are the signs you might see:

  • Bulge like formation in the foundation, leading to crack
  • The surface will become un-level, as the roots under your pavement elevate the slabs

Roots Invade Plumbing

Trees are important for survival, but so is plumbing. Roots can cause heavy damage to your pockets and plumbing. When there is a small leak in your plumbing, the water source attracts roots.

Once a continuous water source is established, the roots start to grow in your plumbing system. You need to look out for the following signs:

  • Slow water flow and pressure
  • Leaks around the house
  • Clogged drain, that don’t unclog even after the use of plungers and drain cleaners

Plan Of Action

In order to prevent all this damage, you should do the following things:

Root Barriers

Install them while planting trees; they push the roots deeper into the ground, keeping them away from the surface.

Tree Trimming

Cut or trim the roots that are surfacing above the ground. Be very vigilant while doing so, as you don’t want to cut the main roots and kill the tree. Call in for experts to provide proper tree trimming services, to maintain a healthy garden.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree grows out of control and causes damage to the surrounding environment. In such an event, you need to remove most of the root system to safe your home, other plants and trees. This type of tree removalrots e calls for an expert; don’t start chopping your garden.

If you need immediate support to fight the roots invading your house, call Tree Inc. Of Denton for expert opinion and cost-effective services.

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