What Are The Key Signs Of A Healthy Tree?

Trees are essential components of landscape and if you have one on your property, it is an important part of your yard. Your tree will add to the appeal of your property provided that is healthy and well-maintained.

Here are the key signs of a healthy tree:

1) It has one main trunk

The healthiest trees have a single strong trunk that bears the weight of all its branches. Other thick branches that are growing from the tree—and could compete with the main trunk—need to be pruned as it could cause the tree to split.

That being said, there are some trees that naturally have more than one trunk; these don’t need to have their trunks cut.

2) Has annual growth

They growth of healthy trees is evident. If you can clearly tell that the tree has grown since the previous year, then your tree is healthy.

3) Has no dead or broken branches

It’s natural for some branches to be dead or broken. These should be pruned immediately because they attract insect activity.

You don’t want to provide a safe haven for insects in your tree as they multiply rapidly and could damage the tree.


4) Healthy roots and trunk

Although you can’t see the roots of healthy trees as they should underground, you can still check their health. If you’re tree is firmly planted on the ground, it is healthy. A loose trunk indicates an unhealthy tree.

Check your trunk for fungi, cracks and holes. Tree fungi will have to be removed; annual spraying can prevent it from being infected by fungi. Cracks and holes in the trunk of a tree are prone to insects and diseases.

5) No wilting

Unhealthy trees have wilted and frail leaves. These trees are probably not being watered properly; watering too little and too much is a danger to the health of trees. The same applies to sun-exposure and fertilization.

6) Healthy color of leaves and crop

Improper leaf color, shape and size are signs of an unhealthy tree, they indicate nutrient deficiency which can happen from insect activity, pesticide damage and other diseases.

If your tree doesn’t show the above listed signs, it is not of good health. You should consider having it removed before it becomes a safety hazard or dies.


A dying or dead tree doesn’t look great in front of the house. Tree-trimming and tree-removal should be left to professionals; do not attempt to do it yourself! You can severely injure yourself.

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