How To Kill Tree Stumps Naturally

Tree removal can be inventible when the tree is dead, damaged, infested or harming property.  The tree removal leaves behind a stump.

Is Stump Removal Necessary?

They are necessary for a couple of reasons;

  1. They occupy a huge space in your garden; you can grow a new plant or tree instead of renting the space to a useless stump.
  2. Suckers may reinstate the growth process of the tree. If not removed, small trees might spring around the stump.
  3. The root sucker breakout might steal surrounding plants of nutrients.
  4. They attract insects, the tree starts decaying housing beetles, ants, and other insects. If stumps are not removed, insects might spread in your yard and even home.
  5. Stumps are a huge hurdle for landscaping; they hinder movement and plantation of other trees.
  6. They can be dangerous. If people stumble over it, you will be liable for the cost of injury.

Pros and Cons Of Stump Removal

Stump removal requires the use of heavy machinery and a certain level of skills, which is why it is proficiently done with the help of a tree service provider.

Here are the pros and cons of stump removal:


Stumps can be easily removed in a day or so, without the use of any chemical. Moreover, the hole caused by the stump extraction can be filled in a few days.


If you are doing it yourself, you would have to bear the machinery rent. The soil may become compact in the extraction area, and leave behind a huge hole.

Another downside is impact of the process on the surrounding area: it may wreck your garden if the machinery is operated by inexperienced person.

How To Kill A Tree Stump Naturally


  • You can speed-up the tree’s decaying process by trimming down the stump. You can do this, by using a saw or any other tool.
  • You can expose the roots with hot water, putting a halt to the growth.
  • For a slow kill, limit sunshine exposure to the stump. You can do so by wrapping a plastic and/or cloth around the stump. This will slow down the development process and the tree will die eventually.
  • You can kill the stump by pouring salt. For small trees, pour the salt directly on the stump. For bigger tree stump, higher salt exposure is required. Drill 1 inch holes in the sides and center of the stump and fill it with salt to naturally kill the roots. When applying salt, ensure the safety of tress and plant surrounding the stump.
  • Epsom salt can expedite plant growth if used in the right quantity, but can be a plant killer if used excessively. Drill 10-inch-deep holes in the sides and top of the stump. Pour Epsom-water solution, and cover the stump. The stump will die in 2-3 months.
  • Dig it out! The process can be time consuming and labor incentive.

Pro Tip

All the natural methods of stump removal are time consuming and spanning over long period. If you want stump removal Denton based services in a skilled and cost-effective manner, call Tree Inc. Of Denton.

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