How Professionals Trim A Tree Without Killing It

You had a tree in your yard that had been there since your grandfather planted it, decades ago. However, over the years, the limbs of the tree had grown out of hand.

You think about trimming the tree on your own. Hours later, you get the job done but the tree does not look the way it should. A couple of days later, the tree almost looks dead.

Pruning a tree helps beautify. However, not doing it right can result in significant damage to the tree as well. Improper pruning damages weaken the plant because of which we say that it is a task best left for experts.

Here are some of the ways in which professionals trim a tree without killing it:

Identifying the right time when pruning is needed

Normally you can prune your tree any time of the year. Professional pruners make it a point that they do not prune a tree in the growing season because the food stored in the roots and the stems of the tree helps the tree grow further. In this way, they prevent the tree from dwarfing.

Using proper tools

It is quite important to use the right tools for trimming. Properly selected equipment helps in solving the problem and ensures that the tree continues to live for a long period of time.

Different trees require different pruning equipment. A larger branch would require a pruning shear, which have a larger diameter in order to cut them properly. Tools like chisels and mallets are also useful in repairing damages done to the tree after a storm.

Determining if the tree needs topping or thinning

More often than not, people top the trees to reduce its size, and promote growth. However, professionals will tell you that it is not an ideal practice.

Topping reduces the tree to a few large branches, which have an adverse effect on the way the tree appears while increasing the risk of tree falling down and damaging your house.

A professional instead opts for thinning involves cutting off the branches that are unwanted. This helps maintain the inner structure of the tree and makes it sturdier.

Young tree training 

Professional makes use of certain techniques to train young trees in order to ensure that the tree survives for a long period of time. They remove damaged and infected branches. They make sure that they do not go for excessive pruning and end up damaging the roots of the tree.

Do it yourself techniques may appear to be cost-effective but at the cost of your tree. Furthermore, there are certain standards and practices when it comes to pruning that you may not know.

Therefore, we suggest you get in touch with us. We, at Trees inc of Denton have been in this business for thirty-five years now and have the expertise required to take care of your trees. We offer tree removal services in Lewisville, Corinth and other regions of Texas.

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