Removing Dead or Decaying Trees— Why it’s a Good Idea

Everyone knows deforestation is detrimental to the environment. When it comes to cutting down trees, it’s always a big no!

However, it could actually be a good thing?

The western states currently have over 6.3 billion dead trees still standing? As long as there are greens growing on the tree, it’s pretty great but the moment it’s lifespan goes up, it’s time to cut it down. Of course, you need a professional tree removal service in Lewisville to assess the situation!

Time to cut it down!

Just because a tree is still standing doesn’t mean that it’s worth keeping. Yes, some trees survive centuries on end, but others can die off pretty soon.

When their lifespan is up, it’s important to remove them. Remember, dead trees are deadly, and here’s why:

Reason #1: Those pesky pests!

Are you facing pests in your back yard? Isn’t that where they belong? Well, that might be true but with dead trees in your back yard, there’s going to be a one too many types of pests coming in. That includes rats, ants, beetles and worst of all, termites.

This becomes an issue because these creatures tend to not stay in the backyard, but instead, travel into your home. A termite invasion is not something you want to deal with which is why you need to immediately get rid of dead trees!

Reason #2: Diseases are often contagious!

Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to keep corpses in your backyard? Well, dead trees are kind of the same thing! It’s okay if dead trees catch your attention but if you notice yellow patches on it, it may be diseased.

Keeping diseased tree often leads to a spread on other healthy trees, eventually killing them as well.

Reason #3: Way to throw off the aesthetics!

There’s a certain beauty to dead trees, this haunting excellence. However, they don’t always look good! One dead tree in the middle of a healthy, beautiful garden can completely destroy the scenery and give you the careless feel to it. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible, a tree without leaves can be quite an unpleasant sight on a well-maintained garden.

Reason #4: They’re quite weak

Dead trees loss the ability to hold themselves in place; with no more nutrients, they become weak which means even heavy winds can cause an upturn!

Texas is prone to natural disasters, take the recent hurricane for example, it caused quite a havoc! Knowing the extent of storms and disasters that Texas faces, keeping weak, dead trees around usually doubles the damage because they’re often the first to fall.

It’s important to get rid of decaying trees as soon as possible but remember, never do it yourself! You can contact us and we’ll help provide you with the best tree removal service in Lewisville.

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