Signs Of A Dying Tree – It Might Be Time To Call In Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal ServicesAs the case with most organisms living on earth, trees are mortal. And so, there will come a time when it will start to deteriorate.

This can lead to its sudden collapse, putting you, your family, or people around your home at risk.

More than a hundred people die each year in the U.S. as a result of falling trees. It’s imperative you identify this potential hazard and call in your local tree removal company:

Here are some clear signs of a tree dying: 

Damaged Trunk

Perpendicular cracks on a tree’s trunk are a grave sign. When the trunk of a tree gets badly damaged, its survival is seriously compromised.

Moreover, any cracks or seams that you witness on the tree’s trunk signify the same. Assess the tree’s bark, or its absence.

As tree ages over time, its barks fall and are gradually replaced with a new bark layer. This happens when the tree is in a healthy state. However, if the new layer of bark doesn’t reemerge and you see uncovered areas of smooth wood inside, know that it’s approaching its end.

Bare Tree Branches

Closely examine the appearance of the branches. An alarming sign is the bareness of the branches, especially in Spring. Furthermore, lifeless branches to a certain side of the tree also indicate serious damage to the roots and trunk.

Impaired Roots

Roots of old, matured trees tend to run deep down the ground. Learning about the tree’s roots can be a difficult task.

Here’s when a professional tree removal company comes into play.

However, if there have been mining projects, recent constructions, or a disclosure to acute environmental elements in the surrounding, know that these must have impacted the wellbeing of your tree and its roots.

Another grave indication of root damage is an unexpected, yet obvious, inclination of the tree. One more sign is the growth of small branches from the tree’s trunk, near the base. Such branching is referred to as epicormic shoots and correspond that your tree is undergoing intense stress.

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