Signs That the Tree in Your Yard Is Diseased

Trees are living beings and like all other living beings, they too are prone to diseases. However, majority of the homeowners fail to notice the signs before it is too late. There are several different kinds of diseases that your tree can be infected with.

A diseased tree does not just ruin the aesthetics of your yard. It can also be dangerous. Limbs of such trees can fall down and damage parts of your property. There is also a chance of you sustaining a serious injury in an accident.

Therefore, you cannot afford to be careless. Here are some signs, which indicate that the tree in your yard is diseased:

Leaves start falling


It is natural for some trees to lose their leaves at a specific time of the year. However, if the tree starts rapidly losing its leaves during summers or spring, it is a sign that it is diseased.

Another thing that you will notice in this case is that the leaves that remain behind lose their color and they look shriveled.

The branches start falling


Another sign that there is something wrong with your tree is that its branches start falling as well. Take a look at one of the branches that has fallen down and inspect it carefully. If you detect rot or damage due to pests, it is a sign that your tree is diseased.


Have you noticed that the leaves of the tree seem to have lost their color and look damaged? Their color has changed to white and it looks dusty. This is a sign that there is a mold infestation in the tree.

The bark looks damaged


Usually trees have a bark, which is soft and evenly covers the surface of the entire tree. A sick tree on the other hand has a bark that can easily break away. Another sign that there is something wrong with your tree is the presence of bald spots on the bark.

Problems with the roots

Keep an eye out for fungi at the base of the tree. In addition to that, also inspect the soil around the tree. In case you notice that the soil feels soggy, it is a sign that the tree’s roots are damaged.

Usually this problem occurs due to the damage that is done to the tree’s root by vehicle and lawn mowing equipment.

In case you have noticed any of the aforementioned signs, it is best to seek the services of professionals. In certain cases, the best option you have available is the removal of the tree altogether.

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