Signs Your Tree Needs Care

Homo sapiens are not the only mortals living on this planet subject to sickness and aging. Trees are too!


Even though trees are some of the longest living beings that have survived changes of eras on this planet, they are susceptible to ill health and disease as well. They are recorded to have life spans up to thousands of years which means they’ve stood since before chapters of history had begun and stayed long after they repeated themselves.

Even though they do not speak to us, they are still a major part of our ecosystem which sustains human life on Earth! It is no surprise then that health and longevity of trees’ life spans will directly affect the quality of life that WE have.

Trees have bodies and are bound by a limited lifetime that gets consumed every day! This or several other reasons can combine to cause a tree to contract diseases or start weakening. The body parts of trees withering due to lack of care display signs of disease that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

Just like a runny nose, backaches, migraines, and chest infections affect different parts of our body, the trunk, leaves, branches and roots of a tree also reflect its health.

Here is a list of some signs that indicate the poor health of that tree in your yard and urge you to care for it.



Leaves can be reliable indicators of the health of trees too! Examining the color, texture and firmness of leaves can reflect the inner state of the tree. Just like hair fall is a sign of weakness which may be caused by head lice, scalp buildup or just failing health, falling of leaves at an unusual time and pace can be bad signs of health.

If a tree is losing its leaves too fast, it probably lacks nutrition. If they are yellowing or deformed and have spots or holes in them, your tree needs a checkup.


fungus-4215Roots are anchors to trees that keep them grounded in the soil. They are not only the first part of a tree that shoots out of a seed and makes its way into the soil, but also the most crucial to a tree’s health.

Since this is where a tree gets most of its food from, it is important to keep a check on the roots to reach the root of the problem.

Mushrooms and other fungi tend to grow at the base of the trees, over the roots. While some mushrooms are good for a tree’s health, others like honey mushrooms are detrimental to its well being. Since mushrooms grow on dead wood or on decaying matter, those growing at the base of trees are warning signs for trees!


Much like locks of hair peeling off from the scalp indicate some serious health issue, branches suddenly snapping off from trees are also signs of poor health. While there can be other extraneous reasons for this to happen such as gusts of winds, storms or manual breaking of branches, if it occurs naturally it is more troublesome.

Factors that aggravate this symptom are lackluster branches with minimum or no leaves. This shows it’s time for a tree medical examination!



Just as much a danger are cavities and holes to your dental health, gaps in tree trunks are bad signs too! Gaps, holes and crevices of any sort are signaling poor health.

This often occurs due to rot and softening of the wood due to decay. This definitely is not a good sign for a tree’s health especially if these cavities run for more than half the length of the trunk. Other kinds of holes such as squirrel holes at the base are reflective of internal hollows that weaken the structure of trees from within! It is much like our bones getting weaker due to decreased bone density.

While tilted trees with overgrown roots and hollowed trunks may make it look majestic and glorious even in old age, these are symptoms that also indicate failing health. Restore your tree’s health today so that in old age it looks full of grace and not full of gross.

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