Stump Grinding: How Important Is It?

Stump grinding is a process that involves removal of tree stumps, allowing you to use the same area for something else. A stump grinding process involves an advanced stump grinder— which in itself is an enormous piece of machinery— to eliminate the tree stump. A stump grinder must only be operated by trained professionals to eliminate risks of potential injuries.

 If you feel your tree stumps are compromising the beauty of your lawn, consider having them removed.

Below we will discuss the importance of stump grinding:

Infestations of Insects

If you leave your tree stump to decay, it can harbor many harmful insects. These include but are not limited to, termites, carpenter ants, and many other pests. Moreover, keep in mind that if the stump is closer to other trees, it can be detrimental to their health as well. Similarly, if a tree stump is infested with termites, the critters could easily make their way to your home and damage wooden fixtures and furniture.

Hiring a stump grinding service at the right time would keep you from incurring additional costs in the form of repairs and replacements.

Disease and injury

Oftentimes, trees need to be removed because they start harboring certain diseases. Their stumps begin to grow fungus, and if not removed in a timely manner, it can transfer to other trees and damage them.

Moreover, tree stumps pose a tripping hazard and can cause serious injuries.


Stump grinding is an extremely environmentally-friendly process for eliminating tree stumps as it does not involve the use of chemicals for removal. Traditional methods of tree stump removal involved drenching the stumps in gas or kerosene. This can poison ground water, making it unfit for drinking or other purposes.

Less labor required

Previously, tree stumps were removed by chopping them away with an axe. Though effective, this method was very labor intensive and required an intense amount of time and energy. Modern advancements allow tree companies to carry out stump removal procedures using efficient tools and equipment to seamlessly carry out the process in the least amount of time.

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