The Dangers Associated with Not Trimming Your Trees on Time!

Tree trimming and pruning is crucial for ensuring the tree remains in good health. Decay and disease can slowly eat away at trees and hedges when they’re left unattended for a long time. Hanging branches and dying leaves can invite insects and pests that not only prove to be detrimental for the tree itself but the surrounding trees and land as well.

Before we take a look at the risks associated with not trimming trees, it’s important to understand a few things.

  • Trimming is usually done once or twice a year.
  • Tree trimming should happen in the dormant season to prevent illnesses spreading on the fresh cuts.
  • The dormant season for trees can differ depending on their species, type and region they’re in.

What Happens if You Ignore Trimming Trees?

Here are 3 dangers you may face when ignoring proper pruning and trimming for an extended period of time.

Safety Risks

Dead or overhanging branches can be dangerous for anyone in their surroundings. Winds and storms can cause them to fall off, damaging your home’s exterior or roof. If they fall on a car or smash in a window, you may suffer from extensive monetary damage.

Not only this but leaves from dead branches can fall off and find their way to nearby drains and gutters, causing massive drainage problem—especially during the rainy season.

Tree’s Well-being

Pruning and trimming allow trees to grow better and healthier. Even a small diseased branch can cause damage to the whole tree by spreading across all over. On the other hand, trimming allows trees to rebuild themselves with stronger core and better adapted to their surroundings.


Unkept trees can make the exterior of the house appear shoddy, whereas trimmed trees accentuate the landscape. Trimming and pruning also enable better fruit and flower production.

Many people consider trimming an easy process that just requires picking up shears and trimming away a few branches; however, it requires thorough understanding of the process and only a skilled person should do the job.

An arborist is qualified to determine considerations such as “Why does the tree need to be pruned?” and “Is this the right season for trimming?” or “Which branches are more likely to cause decay and need to be trimmed right away?”

Residential lawns and backyards add significant value to not only your house’s aesthetics but its sale price as well. Maintaining bushes, hedges and trees can keep the landscape attractive and deter harmful insects from finding their way inside your home. To hire the top-rated tree removal, trimming and maintenance service in Lewisville, Texas, get in touch with us today!

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