The Importance Of Soil Remediation For Your Garden

Soil is an essential component of your gardening ventures. However, when any harmful chemical or substance comes in direct contact with it, soil can start impacting its surroundings in a terrible manner.

The problem has become even worse in the industrialized world we live in, where humans have had a huge impact on nature, and not the other way round. Pesticides, excessive use of fertilizers, landfills, and industrial waste get added to the soil as a result, which leads to soil contamination.

The Culprit Behind Soil Contamination

Soil contamination results from the addition of human-made chemical alterations in vulnerable ground. The contamination can be caused by the application of excessive pesticides, damaged underground storage tanks, infiltration of contaminated water, fuel and oil dumping, leaching in landfills, or letting industrial waste be discharged to the soil.

Some of the most common chemicals behind these disruptions include petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, solvents, lead and other heavy metals.

These ingredients, when left untreated, can adversely impact the soil, as well as the environment.

Effects Of Soil Contamination On The Environment

Plants are the first organisms that are affected by soil contamination, because they source a large portion of their nutrient needs directly from the soil. In this case, instead of absorbing a healthy amount of nitrogen and other substances, their roots are forced to take up an unhealthy amount of contaminated chemicals. This stunts their growth, does not let them grow at all, or makes them wilt faster.

Animals are the next in line. The impact on them is because of the food cycle. Animals that eat plants can be negatively impacted by contaminated soil as well. In addition to eating unhealthy plants to meet their nutrition needs, animals can also come in direct contact with contaminated soil through inhaling air and touching it.

Humans, like animals, are part of the food chain. If we eat plants and animals that have been harmed by soil contamination, it is natural that it’ll also impact our health. Touching, inhaling or eating this contaminated soil can lead to chronic disorders.

How Can Soil Remediation Fix Soil Contamination?

Soil contamination can take over the garden you very lovingly created. However, there’s a way to fix the problem: soil remediation.

Soil remediation is a process that is used to restore soil back to its healthy state. This is also known as environmental remediation and uses soil scrubbing, chemical fixing, encapsulation, stabilization, thermal desorption and phytoremediation (through plants) or my core mediation (through fungus).

Soil contamination can wreak havoc on your landscape, but we’re here to take care of that. With our professional soil remediation, stump grinding and tree trimming services in Lewisville, Texas, we ensure that your soil is protected and that your plants are healthy! Give us a call at 940-242-4131 today to know more about our services!

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