It Is Time To Remove The Tree In Your Yard?

Like all other living beings, trees too can get sick. There are different kinds of tree diseases. Some of them can be treated, however; others can lead to premature rotting.

Once the tree dies, its branches start falling down. This is quite dangerous since it leads to property damage and in some cases can even lead to serious injuries.

In order to prevent this from happening, homeowners often have no choice but to remove the tree altogether. Here is a look at some of the signs that it is time to remove the tree in your yard:

Will Treatment Help Restore The Tree’s Health

As mentioned previously, sometimes homeowners have no choice but to replace the tree altogether.

In this case, you will have to take certain factors like the cost of replacing the tree into consideration. For example, a small seed costs around $10 whereas a large sapling can cost around $1000.

It also depends on the size and the species of trees that you want to plant in your yard. There are certain diseases that can be treated through water and other nutrients.

However, the application process is quite expensive and you will have to wait for some time before you see the desired results.

Therefore, before you actually make the decision to remove the tree, make sure you take advice from professionals. They can determine why the tree got sick in the first place and provide suggestions regarding replacing or treating the tree.

What Are The Chances That The Tree Will Recover?

There are multiple reasons the tree might be dying. These include:

  • The tree was struck by lightening
  • The tree was damaged due to strong winds
  • Tree was diseased

In either case, there is a limit to what your tree can recover from. In case the tree is diseased and has lost more than fifteen percent of its canopy it is beyond saving.

The Location Of The Tree


Is the tree located in your back yard where your children play? If this is indeed the case, you will have no option but to remove the tree altogether. After all, there is a chance that a branch might fall down and injure your kids.

There have been incidents in the past where people have lost their lives due to fallen trees. Make sure you are not one of those people. Get in touch with tree removal services and avoid this problem.

We can help. We offer tree removal and trimming services. We can safely remove the tree from your property. Contact us at 940-230-2782.

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