Is Your Tree Falling Over? Know The Warning Signs NOW!

It’s said that trees account for over $1 billion worth of property damage. It comes as no surprise that fallen trees actually become a matter of grave concern to not only property owners, but passersby as well.

Living in a place like Texas—that is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, thunderstorm and tornados—it comes as no surprise that trees falling over cause major damage.

Even if the concern isn’t directed towards natural disasters, it’s important to know which tree is held firmly to the ground and which one can easily surprise you by falling over. You would need an inspection from a professional tree service in Lewisville, TX but it wouldn’t hurt to know the signs yourself!


It’s relatively easy to know which tree is on the verge of toppling over and which isn’t, here are some signs that will help you immediately call a tree removal service to help deal with the situation:

Sign #1: Hole in the trunk

When a tree prunes itself, it’ll drop branches and this often leaves a cavity. Yes, that’s a sure sign to worry about!

These cavities often lead to decay on the internal structures of the tree and this makes it quite weak. However, if it has an adequate amount of good wood surrounding it, there’s really not much to worry about.

Sign #2: Dead or falling branches

If it’s breaking into pieces, then you’re in trouble! Trees are strong and sturdy but once they start dropping out entire branches or even bits of it, that means it’s running low on nutrients and is weakening away.

If the tree toppling over doesn’t worry you, the falling branches definitely might! You can’t take them lightly; even branches can do much harm!

Sign #3: Leaning tree

The Leaning Tower of Pisa may still be standing but a leaning tree is more prone to falling over. This is the most surefire sign you have. A tree is supposed to stand upright but once it’s roots start to give up or weaken away, it won’t be long before it comes crashing down!

Sign #4: Shedding leaves

Leaves shedding may sound normal for a tree but try to focus on the pattern. If the leaves on the inside of tree is shedding instead of the outside, that usually indicates trouble. Get a professional to cut them.

If you notice some or all of these problems with your trees, it’s time to contact us and get it cut down before it causes damage! Worried about the leftover stump? Well, we’ll help you effectively remove the tree stumps too!

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