Misconceptions About Tree Pruning

Tree pruning refers to the practice of removing unwanted branches and leaves from trees. It is a common practice, which allows homeowners to maintain the appearance of trees in their yards and ensure that they stay healthy.

In spite of the benefits, there are several people who avoid getting their trees pruned. This is because of the following tree pruning misconceptions:

Trees Can Grow Perfectly Without Pruning


One of the most common myths that people have regarding pruning is that trees can grow perfectly without it. They are mistaken.

Think of it this way, if one of your hands is bigger than the other and your body is out of shape as well, not only will it adversely affect your appearance, it will also impact your health.

Trees are no different. They become unhealthy and shabby without pruning. It becomes harder for the tree to combat infections and water sprouts.

The flow of oxygen within the tree is also restricted and essential nutrients do not reach all parts of the tree.

Pruning Trees in Spring Leads to Health Problems

It is common for trees like maple and birch to bleed during spring. However, this is not necessarily a sign of tree damage and it has nothing to do with pruning.

Pruning Trees during Summer Is Dangerous

This is yet another misconception. Water sprouts and suckers grow during the summers. The most effective way to control them is tree pruning.

Removing dead branches and overgrown leaves reduces the stress on the trees. As a result, the tree is healthier and is able to withstand harsh weather conditions like high temperature and droughts.

Fruit and Shade Trees Are Pruned In the Same Way

tree pruning misconceptions

Some people assume that there is no harm in pruning shade and fruit trees in the same manner. The fact is that shade trees do not need to be pruned as heavily as fruit trees.

With fruit trees, pruning depends on the season. For example, some of them flower in their second year while others do so in the first year. Therefore, it is best to prune the trees during the dormant season.

Cutting Close To Tree Trunk Helps the Wounds Heal

The thinning or reduction cut is located inside the branch bank ridge. The region consists of tissues, which heal wounds. When you cut the tree too close to this region, it affects the tree’s ability to heal from wounds.

Pruning can be a complicated task and even the slightest mistake can impact the health of the tree. Therefore, it is best that you leave this task to professionals.

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