Weed Trees: How to Identify and Remove Them

What Is A Weed Tree?

Any unwanted tree can be a weed tree. They grow fast, colonize even faster and have a high rate of seed germination. Also known as volunteer trees, seedlings of this species find their way into our garden via wind, birds, animals, or nearby trees. They can be invasive and crowd the area and even kill native plants and trees!

If allowed, weed trees not only take over the area rather quickly, but are also hardy and very difficult to get rid of. If you don’t want a tree that randomly starts to grow in your backyard, then it is a weed and it’s okay to remove it. Think of it as your contribution to maintaining a balanced ecosystem.


3 Easy Steps To Identify A Weed

  1. Check the base of the plant:An ordinary tree usually has a wooden stem. A weed tree, however, has a thick green stem.
  2. Examine the leaves:Weeds have small or large leaves on the main stalk that fan out. But small trees usually have leaves at the end of their branches that look the same as the leaves on it when the tree is fully grown.
  3. Look at the location:If a tree looks like it doesn’t belong in a certain location, then it’s probably a weed tree. Trees usually grow around similar ones; weeds, however, come from other areas and are usually foreign species to that location.

How to Get Rid of Weed?

The easiest way to get rid of a weed tree is to pull it out while it’s still young and small. The longer you leave it be the stronger its roots will grow. But if you end up waiting too long or didn’t discover the weed tree until it’s too big, here are four ways to deal with the problem:

  1. Paint:Cut down the canopy and paint the leftover part to kill the rest of the tree.
  2. Bark peeling:Peeling away the bark means cutting the nutrient flow to the tree. This will eventually kill the weed but that’s a slow and tedious way of dealing with the pesky weed.
  3. Chemicals: You can find chemicals that are specifically made to kill the unwanted weed. Although the problem with chemicals is that there’s a risk of poisoning surrounding vegetation and/or making the ground infertile.
  4. Pick up tricks and chains:A good pickup truck can help you pull out the weed tree right from its roots. But don’t use this method if it’s growing too close to your home’s foundation.

Perhaps the most convenient method would be to hire a tree removal service. If you are looking for a tree service near Texas, check out Denton. Without taking the trouble of dealing with your unwanted weed, Trees Inc of Denton has 35 years of experience in providing exceptional services in tree trimming, stump grinding, and removal. Check out our services and contact us at 940-230-2782. We’ve got your back with our 24 hours services!

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