Picture of a forest on fire

Three Ways to Ensure Your Garden Landscape Is Fire Resistant

You know how devastating mother nature can be if you live in a wildfire-prone area. Thousands of homeowners lose their land to these natural disasters every year. Among others, one significant reason is the lack of fire landscape design. Moreover, abundant plants like foliage, dried grass, and weeds are the perfect fodder for wildfires as they rapidly spread fire through large areas.


Harmony and Peace: Feng Shui in the Yard

Trees have a variety of purposes and benefits for the environment. However, they are living things that require maintenance. They must be watered, disinfected, and trimmed to grow well. Apart from making the world beautiful, trees provide us shelter and nutrition and play a vital part in our homes in the form of Feng Shui.

If you are wondering what’s Feng Shui, it is a practice that connects the environment with our homes. It is about arranging pieces to create a balance.

Bird in a tree in Denton TX

3 Things You Can Do To Fill Your Yard with Birds

Do you like bird-watching? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an amateur, we bet you’d like to see more birds in your outdoor spaces.

Trees Inc. of Denton has experience creating landscapes, regardless of the purpose. We can create an aesthetic Eden, a low-key Zen garden, or we can help you craft a yard that’s more inviting to birds. If you’d like to know how our tree services could help you, check out this blog post.

Tree in need of tree service in Corinth TX

What to Do About White Marks on Your Tree Bark

If you have white marks on your tree, the most likely suspect is lichens.

With over a decade of experience keeping trees in Texas healthy and firmly planted, Trees Inc. of Denton knows exactly how to identify them and handle them. If you have spots on your trees, do not try to remove them yourself. There’s always a small chance that the spot is actually an indicator of an infectious disease. Furthermore, if it is lichen, then removing it isn’t the best idea.

Cherry blossom in need of tree trimming services in Lewisville

4 Trees Perfect for Smaller Yards

When creating a landscaping plan for a smaller yard, it’s often thought that the plan should be tree-free. We’re here to prove that that’s not true at all.

Trees Inc. of Denton has over three decades of experience providing tree services in Corinth, TX. We’ve found that size is just one factor when choosing the trees in your yard. It’s not unimportant, but you also need to take into account the soil, compatibility with the other plants, how much upkeep you can manage, sunlight, and more.

Dogs wearing sunglasses with decaying trees in the background

Top 4 Summer-Blooming Trees for Your Garden

It’s hot in Texas. You feel it. Your dogs feel it. And the steadily wilting shrubs on the sidewalk feel it.

But hey, summer isn’t forever. If you and your furry friends hydrate responsibly, you’re sure to make it through. However, your plants may not be so lucky. Trees Inc. of Denton has years of experience removing dead or decaying trees that couldn’t make it to the end of harsh summers, and we want to help you avoid that fate.


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