Stump Grinding Denton TX

image 15Did one of your beloved trees need to be cut? Do you wish to get rid of the stump as well?

Remember, dead tree stumps don’t just look out of place. Overtime, they can fall prey to a number of parasites and fungi that can make their way to your home. At the same time, the plants and grass might also get infected, leading to further problems for your landscape.

While there are a diverse variety of methods to remove dead tree stumps, the best way to go is to grind it away. If you have ever tried doing it yourself, you will notice that it ends up costing you a lot. However, you can save dramatically when you hire professional help.

Trump stump removal can be done two way – you can either rent or purchase a grinder and go DIY, or hire a team of local professionals who have the resources and skills to help you out. At Trees Inc Services of Denton, we are recognized as TX’s fastest and safest stump removal and grinding services and we can surely help you out.

The best part about our services? Our low costs! We offer some of the most competitive prices for tree stump removal in the state. Along with stump removal, we also offer trimming and removal of unwanted tree branches and shrubs. With our equipment, we can take out the smallest and the even larger trees, particularly easily in cases where there is ample space for them to land safely.

You can choose to have us haul off the wood chips created by the grinding of the stump, or to leave them behind for you to use in your beds or natural areas. If you like, we can provide soil remediation as well – so that it appears that the tree and stump were never there — or we can leave the hole exposed so that a new tree may be put back in the hole left by the removal of the old one.

Tree stump grinding is a highly specialized job that requires the correct equipment and expertise. Our professional, experienced staff are experts in stump grinding, and we equip them with only the best machinery and safety equipment.

Stump grinding is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of tree stump removal. And the machinery we have for this job ranges from self-propelled grinders for the smaller residential job to big commercial grinding machines that we tow onsite for dealing with tree stumps on a large scale.

Our stump grinding machinery is maintained regularly to ensure it is effective in cutting excess tree stumps instantly. At times, where stump grinding might not be the best way to go, we offer environmentally friendly methods to speed up the degradation of the stump.

Once the stumps have been removed, you may want to plant a replacement tree. Our experts can source and plant any new trees or shrubs on the site. We serve homeowners and businesses in the area. Whether your stump is large or small, we have the experience to get your stump removed right. To get started, call us at 940-242-4131 for a free estimate.