Tree Stump Removal Service Lewisville TX

Efficient Stump Removal Services in Lewisville TX

Did you recently have a tree removed from your property? Did it fall over due to inclement weather or bad health? Whatever the case may be, it has left behind an unattractive and potentially dangerous stump that needs to be removed, stat!

Cutting down a tree may seem like a huge task, but it’s actually quite uncomplicated compared to stump removal.

This is why it’s never incorporated in the cost of tree removal. It is also why people have many year old stumps just left in their back yards. We can help you get rid of unsightly tree stumps, using the right techniques and proven methods.

The trouble with tree stumps is that not only do they hamper the good looks of a well-curated yard, but are also attractive to termites that dig in and make a home in wood.

Our clients also call on us for stump removal services if they want to carry out construction in the area or if it’s time to re-fence, plant and landscape. Remember, it may not be attached to a tree but a stump and its roots continue to grow, posing danger to your house, its foundation as well as the yard fences.

A stump removal isn’t just for decorative purposes; sometimes it is necessary for the integrity of your home. Our professional stump removal services in Texas can grind those large and difficult stumps, removing them permanently. You can count on us for a service done right, and with a price you can afford.

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Our tree specialists at Trees Inc. of Denton prefer stump grinding over other methods of tree stump removal.

Our specialized stump grinding equipment can shave stumps until the required depth is achieved. We can remove many different sizes of stump.

Don’t entrust your tree care needs to just anyone! We have the expertise and experience to provide you with the services you need, affordably. Call us now at 940-230-2782 and get a free estimate for tree trimming services in Lewisville, TX and surrounding areas.

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