Tree Trimming Service Lewisville TX

Superior Tree Trimming Services in Lewisville, TX!

Our highly trained and experienced tree trimming specialists deliver reliable tree care services in Lewisville and surrounding areas.

Here at Trees Inc. of Denton, we offer unique customized tree care services. We realize that trees provide essential benefits to Texas homes. However, planting them is just the start. They require proper care and timely maintenance to enhance their longevity and beauty. This is where we come in!

We adhere to the most stringent industry standards for tree care and safety while providing tree trimming services. A typical visit from our trimming specialists will include:

  • Elimination of dead-wood and diseased wood
  • Re-cutting broken limbs
  • Correcting structure of tree by fixing limbs
  • Reducing weight on tree limbs to minimize breakage
  • Ensuring better light filtration to below the tree canopy
  • Reducing the chances of breakage due to wind resistance

Trees Inc. of Denton is committed to creating a safe environment where trees as well as people can thrive. Part of our tree trimming services is to remove trees or prune them if they grow too close to power lines, posing a safety hazard.

Our goal is to provide all-inclusive tree care services, and tree trimming is just one part of our endeavors.

All trees are not the same. Their trimming and pruning needs depend on the species, climate and locality in which they are planted. We ensure that after every service, your trees are healthy, structurally sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

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Our Texas tree trimming specialists are expert climbers and know just how create a healthy environment for your trees. You can also count on them for guidance on how to provide your trees with everything they need to develop properly.

Once we have completed the tree trimming, all resulting debris is removed from the property by our staff. So you won’t have to worry about the clean-up afterwards!

Call us today at 940-230-2782 for a free estimate and let’s get started with the best possible tree trimming and pruning services in Texas.

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